Vedic Astrology is an ancient science that helps to determine the strength and weakness of people. It provides the light to overcome dark (challenging) time periods. Based on Vedic Astrology, Astrograha provides features such as Star Match, All compatible matching Nakshatras, 7.5 years Sade Sati calculator, Ashtama Sani Or Saturn dhaiya calculator, Hora or Horai Calculator and Birth chart generator (Includes Mangal Dosh Calculator)

Nakshatra Match Calculators

  • Star Match / Nakshatra Porutham Calculator

    This star match calculator will help to determine the basic compatibility between a boy and girl.

    Find Nakshatra Match

  • Find Compatible Matching Nakshatras

    This calculator provides a list of all matching Nakshatras for your birth star and rashi.

    Find Compatible Nakshatras

Time Calculators

  • Sade Sati Calculator

    Check the time periods falling under the influence of 7 ½ year Saturn transit for your rashi.

    Get Sade Sati Report

  • Ashtama Sani Calculator

    Track the Sani transit that activates your 8th house of transformation.

    Find Ashtama Sani Period

  • Hora Calculator

    The Shubh Muhurat calculator of Hora helps you to identify the ruling planet of the hour based on the sun rise timings in your location.

    Find Hora Period

  • Yamagandam Calculator

    Check the Yama Gandam time of the day, it is considered as an inauspicious of any travel or new ventures.

    Find Yamagandam Timing

  • Rahu Kalam Calculator

    Identify Rahu Kaal and avoid this inauspicious time for your new ventures.

    Find Rahu Kalam Timing

  • Guligai Timing Calculator

    Guilika timing is not considered as an auspicious time. However this time can be utilized for daily repetitive tasks rather than new endeavours.

    Find Guligai Timing

Birth Chart

  • Birth Chart Generator

    Generate your birth chart instantly with Astrograha. The birth chart would include the rashi placement and degrees of all 9 planets in Vedic astrology.

    Generate Your Birth Chart

  • Mangal or Chevvai Dosha Calculator

    A simple tool to help you determine if mangal dosh (Chevvai dosham) is present in your horoscope.

    Get Chart

  • Nakshatra Finder

    A simple calculator to find your Nakashatra and Rashi based on birth location and date of birth.

    Find Your Nakshatra