Yamagandam Timings Calculator

Yamagandam Timings

Yama Kandam is calculated by dividing the day hours (from sunrise to sunset) into 8 sections, where each day has 1.5 hour duration allocated to the son of planet Sun ‘Yama’.

During this Yama Gandam period it is usually not recommend starting any new activities as it is believed to cause the death of the work that was started (meaning failure). Many of the orthodox followers of astrology may even recommend not executing important tasks or decisions during this time.

Yama Kandam Timings

  • Sunday 12:00 PM To 1:30 PM
  • Monday 10:30 AM To 12:00 PM
  • Tuesday 9:00 AM To 10:30 AM
  • Wednesday 7:30 AM To 9:00 AM
  • Thursday 6:00 AM To 7:30 AM
  • Friday 3:00 PM To 4:30 PM
  • Saturday 1:30 PM To 3:00 PM

Yamagandam Timings by Location

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About Yama Kandam / Yamagandam

Yama Gandam as the name suggests is the time period associated to the Hindu demi-god ‘Yama’, who is considered as lord of death.

In India there is a practice of checking auspicious time for performing any new initiative related to official and personal work. While checking for a good time based on panchang (panchangam in Tamil) and Hora concepts of Vedic astrology, people usually avoid the time of Yama Gandam.

This Yama Gandam period varies based on the sun rise and the sun set timings.

After the day light, hours are divided in 8 sections. The following is the allocation of time for Yama Gandam.

  • Sunday – 5th section of 8 divisions
  • Monday – 4nd section of 8 divisions
  • Tuesday – 3rd section of 8 divisions
  • Wednesday – 2nd section of 8 divisions
  • Thursday – 1st section of 8 divisions
  • Friday – 7th section of 8 divisions
  • Saturday – 6th section of 8 divisions