Ashtama Sani Calculator

Ashtama Sani Calculator - Saturn Dhaiya Calculator

Ashtama Sani / Shani Dhaiya calculator of astrograha will show the results of Saturn transit in 8th house from Janma rashi from the year 2000 till 2099.

The transit of Saturn in the 8th house from Janma rashi indicates possible challenges with health, debts, taxes & inheritance. However problems may not be harsh unless your Maha Dasha of birth chart indicates it, so don’t panic.

8th house also indicates transformation and Saturn on this house could bring changes in your life that may benefit you for a better future.

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Ashtama Sani / Dhaiya for {{_AshtamaSaniTransitModel.rasi}} Rashi

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Know Sade Sati or 7.5 years Shani period for your rashi.

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