Astrograha Basics


About Vedic Astrology

Why do we need (Vedic) Astrology?
In today’s world Vedic astrology is used to understand / address problems in various phases of life (Career, Marriage, Children, Health, Wealth etc…). Astrology is the place of light. It can guide us on the strength and weakness, so that we can take steps towards the right direction.
Can Vedic Astrology solve my problems?
Astrology can show your strength’s and weakness, it is up to the individual to take the right decision and solve his problems. Most of the problems in one’s life is due to their karma, try to address the karma by performing good deeds (which may in turn reduce the impact of the problems)
Is Astrology Superstitious?
Vedic astrology is the gift of yogic sages, and is a higher knowledge for the mankind. It is a science that is highly complex and difficult to comprehend; it is surely not superstitious, just that everyone is entitled to their own option.
Why does Vedic astrology consider Sun and Moon as planets (aren’t they luminous bodies)?
In Vedic astrology the planets are referred as Grahas, they are natural entities in space, and it is not distinguished as natural satellites, luminous planets, dwarf planets like the modern science.

Basic Concepts

What is Dasha?
Dasha is a planetary time period derived based on the placement of moon (chandra) in the horoscope
What is the duration of each dasha in vedic astrology?
Sun Mahadasha: 6 years
Moon Mahadasha: 10 years
Mars Mahadasha: 7 years
Rahu Mahadasha: 18 years
Jupier Mahadasha: 16 years
Saturn Mahadasha: 19 years
Mercury Mahadasha: 17 years
Ketu Mahadasha: 7 years
Venus Mahadasha: 20 years
How much time does each graha take to cover a rashi (zodiac sign) in vedic astrology?
Sun: 1 month
Moon: 2.5 days
Mercury: 1 month
Venus: 1 month
Mars: 45 days
Jupiter: 1 year
Rahu: 1.5 years
Ketu: 1.5 years
Saturn: 2.5 years
What is the exaltation and debilitation of a graha in Vedic astrology?
Exaltation is the space (in a rashi) in which a graha attains its maximum strength and Debilitation is the space where it loses its strength

Advance Concepts

What is the Vargothama planet?
Vargothama: A planet placed in a specific rashi in Birth chart is also placed in the same rashi on the navamsha chart (D9 chart) is considered as Vargothama. Such a placement is considered good in Vedic astrology.
What is Arudra Lagna?
Arudra Lagna is a perceived lagna. This lagna shows how you are perceived by this world. The Arudra Lagna is calculated based on the placement of the Lagna lord in your birth chart (i.e., D1 Chart).
What is Shad Bala?
Shad Bala is a sum of 6 bala’s that indicated the planetary strength:
  • Sthan Bala
  • Dig Bala
  • Kala Bala
  • Cheshta Bala
  • Naisargika Bala
  • Drig Bala
The strength of the planets will help to determine the results of a dasha period
What is Bhavat Bhavam?
Bhavat Bhavam is a higher house of a house. For Example, the house of marriage is the 7th house, so we count 7 places starting from the 7th house, which will be the 1st house. This way 1st house becomes the Bhavat Bhavam of the 7th house, so marriage can also be seen from the 1st house.

About Nakshatra Compatibility For Marriage - 10 Porutham (South Indian Format)

In most of the South Indian marriages the nakshtra matching is an important factor in deciding the compatibility between the boy and the girl. The rating of this nakshatra matching is based on 10 point match making principles described below:

Dhina Match - Dhina Porutham

Dhina Match represents Longevity and health. This match is essential for prosperous life without poverty and diseases.

Gana Match - Gana Porutham

Gana Match represents compatibility of temperament. This match is essential for good behaviour and ability to co-operate with each other in married life

Mahendra Match - Mahendra Porutham

Mahendra Match represents wellbeing and growth of family. This match is examined for wellbeing, Longevity and the growth of the family

Sthree Dheerkam Match - Sthree Dheerkam Porutham

Sthree Deerkam represents longevity of the bride. Sthree Deerkam gives an idea about the Life expectancy of the Girl. It is believed that the Girl will live for a long time as wife and her life will end before her husband's life in the old age.

Yoni Match - Yoni Porutham

Yoni represents compatibility of sex. Yoni represents sex organs. If this Match is available intimacy of the couple will be satisfactory.

Rasi Match - Rasi Porutham

Rasi Match indicates the unity of the couple. This match represents the Unity of the Couple If this match is not present it may indicate potential displeasure and disputes between the husband and wife, unexpected and unnecessary expenditures and problems from children

Rasi Athipathi Match - Rasi Athipathi Porutham

Rasi Athipathi Match represents friendliness between the couple. This match will result in friendliness between the married couple.

Vasiya Match - Vasiya Porutham

Vasiya Match attraction and adjustability of the couple, it helps the couple to develop more liking and intimacy with each other.Vasiyam also helps to create confidence and adjustability between the husband and wife.

Rajju Match - Rajju Porutham

Rajju Match represents durability of married life. Rajju represents the nupital knot (Mangala Suthra) used to tie-up during marriage at an auspicious muhurtham time. If Rajju match is not present it is believed to seriously affect the couple.

Vethai Match - Vethai Porutham

Vethai indicates devoid of affection. This match indicates if boy and girls nakshatra becomes vedha to each other then there is no match.