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Explore the 7 1/2 Sani Period or Sade Sati

The 7 1/2 Sani period, also known as Sade Sati, is a significant transit lasting for 7.5 years, during which the planet Saturn moves over three specific rasis (zodiac signs):

  1. The 12th house from the natal moon
  2. The natal moon itself (1st house of your rashi chart)
  3. The 2nd house from the natal moon

The natal moon refers to the position of the moon at the time of an individual's birth, as it signifies the rashi (zodiac sign) placement. It's important to note that Saturn takes approximately 2.5 years to complete its transit in each rashi.

The period of Shani (Saturn) is widely considered to be a phase of learning and self-growth. However, the specific effects of Sade Sati can vary depending on the birth chart and planetary positions of the individual.

Please note that, individual experiences may vary. For a comprehensive analysis of your birth chart and personalized guidance, consulting an experienced astrologer is recommended.

Don't let the influence of Sade Sati catch you off guard – use our Sade Sati Calculator to gain valuable insights and navigate this significant transit with confidence and foresight.

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About Sade Sati Calculator - 7.5 Shani Calculator (BETA)

Sade Sati calculator shows if your rashi falls under the influence of Saturn transit.

The 1st stage is considered to be a state where Saturn controls the mind. So Yoga & meditation will be required to balance our minds and progress forward.

The 2nd stage is considered to be a state where Saturn controls the health. So focusing on exercise and maintaining a healthy diet is important.

The 3rd stage is usually considered to be a state where Saturn controls the career and work life. So focus should be towards making thoughtful decisions (considering pros and cons) and no decision should be made in a hurry.

Currently Sani (Saturn) sits in Tanush rashi (Sagitarius) and this continues till 24-Jan-2020. On 24-Jan-2020, Saturn transits to Makaram rashi (Capricon).

7.5 years Shani calculator of astrograha will show results from the year 2000 till 2099.

Remedies during Sani Period

Take Oil bath every Saturday to energize your body

Offer food or any help to the poor & needy (Good karma is the best remedy)

Help aged people and people who are disabled