Hora Calculator

Horai Calculator / Hora Calculator (BETA)

The Hora (Horai), Shubh Muhurat/Shubh identifies the ruling planet of the hour and it's duration based on the sun rise timings in your location.

Once you are aware of your benefic planets or a ruling planet of a certain house in your horoscope, it would be easier to determine the auspicious time that is appropriate to perform or initiate several activities. For e.g., if the lord of your 10th house is Mars (Chevvai / Mangal) and is well placed as a benefic in your horoscope, then the hora period of Mars may help you to clear interviews or take good career-related decisions.

Hora or Horai Calculator of Astrograha displays the list of horai timings and it's corresponding ruling planets for the chosen location and date.

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Hora/Horai Timings at {{_horaModel.location}} on {{_horaModel.horaDate | date :'dd-MMM-yy'}}


{{horaTiming.StartTime | date :'dd-MMM-yy'}} {{horaTiming.StartTime | date :'hh:mm:ss a'}}


{{horaTiming.EndTime | date :'dd-MMM-yy'}} {{horaTiming.EndTime | date :'hh:mm:ss a'}}

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