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We have provided five sample astrology report of different formats such as Sounth Indian, North Indian, Bengali, Odisha and Circular for your review. Download the sample reports below, before making your choice to buy from Astrograha.

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Most of us go to an astrologer at one stage or the other in our lifetime, seeking direction or guidance. However we only take a basic chart (mostly Birth chart and Navamsha chart) for consultation, giving only a little scope for detailed analysis or review. This Birth chart report provided by Astrograha is from a popular tool that covers extensive details of dashas and divisional charts that will help the astrologer to provide a better direction or guidance to the individual.

Free* ( 10+ Pages )

  • Birth & All divisional charts
  • Planet position & Shad Bala
  • Ashtakavarga Summary
  • Vimshottari Dasha

Sample Reports

Standard ( 25 ) 50+ Pages

  • Detailed Birth & All divisional charts
  • Vimshottari & Yogini – MD, AD
  • Jamini Astrology & Chara dasha
  • Shad Bala & Ashtakavarga
  • Benefic Yogas & Panchanga Details
  • KP – Chart & Significators

Sample Reports

Pro ( 50 ) 120+ Pages

  • Detailed Birth & All divisional charts
  • Vimshottari Dasha & 17 other Dashas
  • Detailed Shad Bala & Ashtakavarga
  • Benefic Yogas & Panchanga Details
  • KP – Chart & Significators
  • Varshaphala Charts & General Interpretations
  • Planetary Avsthas & Nakshatra Interpretations
  • Sade Sati, Mangal dosh & many more details…

Sample Reports

Birth Chart Report Formats

Vedic Astrology is practised in different forms and techniques, and some parts of India use different chart types.
Example: The South Indian charts have the Rashi’s fixed and the houses are movable. In the North Indian charts we have the houses fixed and the Rashi’s are movable.

Although every chart type has its own positives, we at Astrograha understand that the ease of working on a chart for an astrologer is in their native format. Thus we are extending the detailed astrology report in 5 different formats listed below.

The detailed Birth chart can be obtained in one of the following formats:
  • South Indian Format
  • North India Format
  • Bengali Format
  • Odisha (Orrisa) Format
  • Circular Format

You may also download a copy of the sample reports of each format in the free, standard, pro section above.

Contents of Astrology Report

The detailed Astrology Report provided by Astrograha includes the following:
  • Lagna Birth Chart & Navamsha
  • Rashi Chart (Chandra Chart) & Bhava
  • Divisional Charts
  • Sudharshana Chakra
  • Planetary Friendship
  • Detailed Shad Bala
  • Shodashvarga Summary
  • Aspects on Planets and Bhavas
  • Asthavarga
  • Vimshottari MD, AD & PD
  • Yogini Dasha
  • Kal Chakra Dasha
  • Niryaana Dasha
  • Drig Dasha
  • Chaturshitisama Dasha
  • Sadhesati Calculation
  • Krishnamuthi Paddhati
  • Panchanga Details
  • General Interpretations & Lucky Points
  • Nakshatra Interpretations
  • Mangal Dosha Considerations
  • Applicable Benefic Yogas